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Glen The Balloon Guy is a professional balloon twisting entertainer with over 15 years experience. He started in a typical way, buying a bag of twisting balloons to entertain his daughter, nieces and nephews and along the way discovered the wonder and magic of balloon art. Actually he discovered he wasn’t very good at first, but seeing the positive energy and fun balloons bring out in people, he threw himself into the study of balloon twisting. With a natural knack for seeing the sculptures within the balloon creations and a continuing passion for the art of twisting, Glen has become a master of the craft.

Glen The Balloon Guy has won First Place and People’s Choice awards at the international Twist and Shout 2014 and 2015 conventions in the costume competition, as well as People’s Choice Award at the Edmonton Kaleido lamppost decorating contest. Glen has the Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) designation from Qualatex.

Why balloon art you ask?

Because it’s fun sharing the magic of balloon sculptures with people. How many grumpy people do you see with a swell balloon figure? Glen truly loves watching people’s eyes widen as he creates amazing figures quickly out of thin air, and gets great joy when he is rewarded with their smiles as he hands them the balloon art.

Glen always travels with his balloons close at hand, and often surprises people by making them fun balloon creations "just because". He is a regular volunteer at charity events and believes in supporting the community and making the world a better place through the magic of balloon art.

Glen lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where it’s warm some of the time.

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