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Large Sculptures

Amazing Sculptures to Promote Your Event!

Need to really catch people's attention - and hold that attention? Big balloon sculptures are the way to do it.


Want to gather a crowd to your store front and attract more business? Then bring in Glen The Balloon Guy to build your large sculpture on site while people watch the sculpture come together right in front of their eyes.


Glen can interact with your Customers while he works on your personalized balloon masterpiece, entertaining your clientele and promoting your business at the same time! How about a 'photo op' made of balloons that people pose beside (or in) that promotes your business? Let the power of social media advertise your business or event for you, as Customers and spectators post their pictures of your display on the internet.


From individual large promotional sculptures to complete window displays with decor balloons and twisted figures, Glen The Balloon Guy can channel the fun and exposure to your business.

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