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Glen the Balloon Guy - Thomson&Hobden
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Theme Song

Glen The Balloon Guy has a theme song!

Tom Thomson and his good friend Allan Hobden wrote "Glen the Balloon Guy" as a gift to Glen who made Tom a balloon piano keyboard on a dare a couple of years ago. Glen is thrilled to have his own theme song. It makes him feel a bit like a super hero. Many thanks to Tom and Allan, two talented musicians and truly great guys.

Tom Thomson
Tom is originally from Toronto and has played music all his life. His main instruments are piano, organ, guitar and bass. After working successfully as a full-time musician in Ontario, he traveled west and fell in love with B.C., where he lives to this day with his wife – the lovely Ruth. Over the last 30 years he has played in many bands and written songs in many different styles from Rock, Country, to Blues and Jazz. He is currently a big part of Tom and Jerry and the 98′s who have a solid reputation for getting people up and dancing, and having fun.

Allan Hobden
“I was born when I was really young in the big prairie city of Edmonton. I always thought I was an accident…but when I was well into adulthood – my Mom told me I wasn’t an accident – she told me that I was a surprise! Over the years I have played music extensively – radios and records, of all types and sizes. I remember how excited I was when I discovered stereo, I mean I didn’t invent it, what I am saying, is when I first heard it. I live in the West Kootenay’s, near the picturesque town of Kaslo – well known for it’s annual Kaslo Jazz Festival, and it’s infamous Beer Tent – and that `kiddies – is where the song writing duo of `Tom & Allan met the Balloon Guy – Glen LaValley – the guy with `air on his hip!”.

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